“YOU HAVE SARCOIDOSIS!”  These three little words will turn the lives of you and your family upside down.  Sarcoidosis does not discriminate.  Everyday Thousands of people from rural communities to inner cities are diagnosed with this disease.  This diagnosis goes beyond the single patient and impacts the financial, emotional and day to day lives of everyone around them.

What is Sarcoidosis? I never heard of it.  We here this often, that’s why it is so important to educate the community about this debilitating disease.  Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease that set up granulomas through different organs in the body causing them to not work properly.  Although Sarcoidosis is not a death sentence; it can be fatal if not treated properly.  Currently, there is no known cause and no cure for Sarcoidosis.

We are proud to have created such an important program; Adams Sarcoidosis Awareness (ASA).   With the help of fundraisers and donations we offer this resource to those affected by Sarcoidosis and to any person that is currently undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for any autoimmune disease.  Our fundraisers include 5k walk in April (Sarcoidosis Awareness Month) Golf Tournament in October and a number of health care informational events in the DFW area and surrounding cities with plans to go national.

Adams Sarcoidosis Awareness (ASA) is a 501 c3 non- profit organization that offers temporary financial assistance such as copay for medical office visit, prescription and gas vouchers to get to and from doctors’ appointment ex…  We also hold a support group meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month at Medical City Hospital.   Adams Sarcoidosis Awareness is committed to educating the community about Sarcoidosis and its health issues via educational campaigns, telephone, and online.

Your generous gift will assist in making this resource available to those in need during a dramatic time in their lives.  Lets’ celebrate survival together by giving people what they need, when they need it most!